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Security Testing is a Software Testing process that unearths vulnerabilities, threats and risks in a software application and prevents malicious attacks from intruders. Security Testing identifies all possible loopholes and weaknesses of a software system that might result in loss of information, revenue, or reputation at the hands of employees or outsiders.

Today, Security testing is considered crucial for an application to avoid any breach in System Security and to ensure protection of confidential data. In this process, the tester plays a role of a foe to find security-related defects and discover as many security risks in the system as possible.

A multitude of Security Testing techniques exist today.

Vulnerability Scanning: This is done through automated software to scan a system against known vulnerability signatures.

Security Scanning: It involves identifying network and system weaknesses and provides solutions for reducing the risks. The scanning for identifying System risks can be Manual and Automated.

Penetration testing: This kind of testing simulates an attack from a malicious hacker and involves analysis of the system to look for potential vulnerabilities in case of an actual external hacking attempt.

Risk Assessment: This testing involves analysis of security risks existing within the organization. Such risks can be classified as Low, Medium, and High. Risks are identified and accordingly, measures are suggested to reduce or eliminate them.

Security Auditing: This is an internal inspection of Applications, Tools, Database and Operating systems for security flaws. Sometimes, such an audit can involve inspection of each line of code in the underlying software. This time-consuming technique is sometimes essential for certain Systems, especially if automated scanning of the code is not an option.

Ethical hacking: Ethical hacking is a process when the Organization gives consent for hacking into the system. The intent is to expose security flaws and vulnerabilities in the system.

Posture Assessment: This combines Security scanning, Ethical Hacking and Risk Assessments to expose overall security issues of an organization.

At iTester, our Security Testing Team consisting of trained and qualified Software Engineers is experienced in all categories of existing and emerging Testing Methodologies to ensure that an Application stays protected from present and potential future threats to its System, Network, Infrastructure and Data.

Contact iTester Security Testing Team for your requirements.

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