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Timely Mobile App Testing allows delivering better software and helps your app to be successful by testing its functionality, usability, and consistency, growing your user base.

Testing is an important part of every software development process and with mobile apps it has become even more important. The growing number of mobile devices is leading to a massive fragmentation of OS, screen sizes, variations of standard OS and more. With agile processes, software testing is performed every so often to assure the best possible quality. New features and bug fixes need to be released within short intervals, so users don’t lose interest and at the same time ensuring that new features do not bring new bugs. Testing becomes vital for an app’s survival.

Mobile applications require new skills and a new mindset for testing.

Enterprises are struggling not only to meet the demand for enterprise mobility but also need to ensure that those solutions work efficiently and securely. Therefore, companies rely on iTester’s extensive and deep experience providing mobile testing services.

Transforming lives with extensive usage of mobile technology.

Demand is rising rapidly for mobile QA and testing because of a complex combination of multiple application architectures and interfaces, mobile OSs, form factors, and network layers.


We do not just provide your usual application testing services but are also positioned at the forefront of technology and can help test modern applications and devices such as for wearables.


We at iTester provide Manual Mobile Testing and Automated Mobile Testing.

Manual Testing approach is user centric focusing on explorative ways of monitoring, ensuring that a mobile application meets user requirements and expectations. Automated testing is a mobile application testing approach where we would could ideally set up as many cases as possible, that will allow us to automate about 80% of the app's testing process.


If you need any of the following, then please look into iTester’s mobile QA and testing services:

Rapid development to keep up with pace of change. Itester helps you keep up with the explosive pace of change in mobility by using automated test frameworks to make test cycles faster and more reliable.

Successful testing of all the layers. iTester does not just focus on testing the mobile user interface, but also deep testing of the entire solution.

Engaging user experiences. Testing helps ensure your mobile solution offers a powerful and enjoyable user experience.

Security and data integrity. Ensure your mobile application fulfils security and data protection requirements.

Contact iTester's Mobile App Testing Team for all your Mobile Testing requirements.

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