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Remote Workforce Management is a major challenge for business leaders especially in the current post pandemic world.


The trend toward remote work began a while ago and has grown steadily up to the present day, but while some organizations have encouraged employees to work from home, many are simply not prepared with the support, process, and infrastructure necessary to manage a remote workforce effectively. The effect of COVID-19 has been to dramatically accelerate this trend in an extremely short period of time, forcing companies of all sizes to adapt quickly to the self-isolation and social distancing measures being recommended by governments around the world.

While Remote Workforce essentially benefits the employer and the employee, there are certain significant challenges that managers face with Remote Workforce Management.

We at iTester can help you understand and implement proven Best Practices for remote workforce management that have been designed to help Business, IT, and HR Managers overcome both manager and worker challenges and help your team adapt to the changing paradigm of work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Contact iTester for your Remote Workforce Management needs.

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