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As a CIO, you are currently operating in a stable and trusted IT environment, but you would like to advance your role to strategic business partner. CIOs are often overlooked as a strategic partner by their peers, and therefore face the challenge of proving they deserve a seat at the table.​

 iTester will Create a personal development plan and stakeholder management strategy to accelerate your career and become a strategic business partner.

For a CXO to be considered a strategic business partner, he or she must be able to:​

Act as a business person that works in IT, rather than an IT person that works for the business. This involves meeting executive stakeholder expectations, facilitating innovation, and managing stakeholder relationships.

Align IT with the customer. This involves providing business stakeholders with information to support stronger decision making, keeping up with disruptive technologies, and constantly adapting to the ever-changing end-customer needs.

Manage talent and change. This involves performing strategic workforce planning, and being actively engaged in identifying opportunities to introduce change in your organization, suggesting ways to improve, and then acting on them.

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